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You Want A Drug-Free Approach To Your Health Concerns.

You once found that being healthy was simple and easy.  But, now you just feel so lousy. Yet, you want a natural approach to your health.
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You Are Tired Of The Weight-Gain, Memory Issues, and Mood Swings.

You want a natural and simple approach to lose weight. As well as to resolve brain fog, address Peri-Menopause, and approach aging healthfully or tackle other conditions.

You Want To Live A Vibrant Life.

I can teach you simple diet and lifestyle secrets of people who remain active and pain-free. This allows them to continue to contribute their unique gifts to the world into their 90’s and beyond. 

Learn more about my approach to naturally losing weight and other health issues.

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Continue To Do The Things You Love For The Rest Of Your Life.

I’m Dr. Leslie and I can help you get the answers you need. We can work with your doctor to get you off medications. This gives you the ability to regain the youthful vibrant health you need to live your best life.


Together, We Can Design A Customized Plan Just For You.

I am passionate about helping people navigate the plethora of truths, half-truths and utter nonsense out there. Together, we can devise a simple, long term plan that works based on your goals, lifestyle and budget.
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What The Natural Health Approach Can Do For You.

You don’t need to feel frustration, fear and anxiety as a norm. Regardless of your health condition(s), every health problem can be helped by a natural approach to diet and lifestyle changes. Most can actually be reversed.

Your Long-Term Health With Someone Who Cares and Has Been There.

I will guide you with compassion, taking a step back to make long term positive changes. There is no quick fix to your health. As your guide I will gently, but firmly, hold you accountable for what you want.

I’m here for you. Set up a Complimentary Consultation today.


I’m excited. I happily got through the holidays. I made lots of good and better choices and didn’t feel like I was missing out. This is BIG for me. I’ve always struggled with sugar. Holiday goodies just made it worse. This year was different. I’ve been using the whole food, plant based approach to wellness with Dr. Leslie’s guidance for 4 months and found I wasn’t even interested in most of goodies and when I was, I ate VERY moderately.  Lorna Whiteaker

Lorna Whiteaker
I have known Dr. Leslie for several years. I love working with her because she is knowledgeable, informed and trustworthy. I sought her out as I need support with weight management that is customized for my specific needs (I am physically disabled so using exercise for my weight management is not an option for me). I have always gotten super useful tips and strategies on nutrition and eating healthier. They have made a big difference in the way I eat today. Dr. Leslie knows and generously shares how each of us can have a healthier life by knowing what’s in our food and eating in a way that supports our optimum health. I am so happy to have Dr. Leslie in my corner!  -Lorna Whiteaker

Thank you for empowering people to make wise decisions about health care and diet.  ‘Empowering’ to me means that your views over the years have actually changed the way I think about food and medicine.  Making good food choices is NOT a deprivation of joy in eating; it actually gives more joy; as I see results like the loss of 65#;  more strength and mobility,  and the loss of many aches and pains.

I don’t think I would have challenged my MD’s approach to medicine and prescriptions without your input to do so.

-Ruth Smith

“Leslie speaks to the reality of health and not just preventing disease. Ones daily choices make all the difference and she delivers a presentation giving specific examples from her life and others on what choices make the most difference, as well as actionable suggestions. In a world where people are seeking the imaginary magic pill, Leslie provides real life information to guide us to health.” – Marjorie Drube, Realtor and Rotarian