You once found that being healthy was easy & natural but, now you just feel so lousy.

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Wanting a natural approach to lose weight simply, resolve brain fog, address Peri-Menopause, approach aging healthfully or tackle other conditions?

learn the simple diet & lifestyle secrets of people who remain active & pain-free; continuing to contribute their unique gifts to the world into their 90’s and beyond. 

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I’m Dr. Leslie and I can help get the answers you need; work with your doctor to get you off medications if needed and regain the youthful vibrant health you need to live your best life.

I am passionate about helping people navigate the plethora of truths, half-truths and utter nonsense out there and devise a simple long term plan that works based on your goals, lifestyle and budget.

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Frustration, fear and anxiety need not be the norm. Regardless of condition, every health problem can be helped by diet and lifestyle changes. Most can actually be reversed.

With compassion, we’ll take a step back to make long term positive changes; not just a quick fix. I’ll guide you and gently but firmly hold you accountable for what you want. I’m here for you. Set up a Complimentary Consultation today.