The “Farmacy” Basics for Common Complaints

Essential Oils for Daily Complaints:

One of the most common questions I always got in my chiropractic practice was “Doc, what should I take?” People want a quick fix and our pill-oriented society has conditioned them to look for one. Unfortunately, as Western Medicine continues to create artificial substances, the negative effects continue to seriously injure and kill people. After your spine is in alignment so that your Nervous System is working optimally, essential oils can be some of the easiest and simplest answers for everyday problems. (Note that being sure how essential oils are purified is of the utmost importance. That is why I use Ameo Essential Oils. They are the only Clinical Grade essential oils on the market.)

Frankincense: Decreases inflammation topically & internally. (Do NOT use a lesser brand internally. It may be extracted with harmful chemicals). Has also been to increase apoptosis (self-destruction) in cancer cells.

Peppermint: A great digestive aid internally. Externally; a drop on certain pressure points on the head and face can help headaches. Inhale to increase alertness.

Lavender: THE great scent for all things calming. Helps with sleep. Calms & soothes feelings. Can even be used topically to calm reactions to bug bites.

Blends: There are a million combinations that can have incredible affects. Ameo is now leading the way with its new AGX Gene Expression line which targets different cell types, revealed by florescent microscopy, for optimal absorption.

I encourage you to learn more about the power of essential oils & be able to bring home a sample spray, balm or other preparation by coming to my event on March 9th.  We will concentrate on the 3 oils above along with 7 or 8 blends featured in Ameo’s Basic, Family First Aid and Emotional Wellness Kits. (Please RSVP by Emailing me at drlesliekaz@gmail.com to get the address as this event is being held in a home.) Happy Oiling!


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