Chronic Inflammation: Stories of Change


Today, I want to tell you a couple of quick stories of people who made small changes that helped address chronic inflammation and how these changes changed their life. (All names have been changed.)

Beverly is a client that, despite being obese had an active lifestyle that including skiing, tennis and other sports. But throughout the years she had had numerous injuries that resulted in chronic pain. Still, she was committed to maintaining her lifestyle and finding a way to diminish pain & inflammation without the potential negative effects of medication. I suggested a program that included Ameo’s Frankincense Essential Oil, various supplements and detoxification & weight loss. Bev decided to go with the Frankincense alone. (She didn’t want to give up any of her favorite foods & was convinced she actually felt better at her current weight.) Amazingly, just that, by itself made enough of a change that, although she wasn’t able to ski or play tennis, she had less pain and was able to be more active than she had been in the recent past .

Melinda is a young adult (mid-20’s) that was having some health challenges as a result of her poor diet and lack of exercise throughout her teenage years and into young adulthood. Blood tests revealed she was pre-diabetic. She had constant digestive distress, pain in many joints, possible gall bladder issues and knew she had to make a change. Adding Zija’s Smartmix, AGX Digest and making better food choices made an incredible difference. In a matter of just a couple of months, her digestive and gall bladder issue were resolved, her blood tests returned to a healthy range, pain was gone, she had more energy & felt healthier and she lost about 20 lbs.

Michael was a morbidly obese middle aged man who was diabetic, had fatty liver disease and was in constant pain. He knew his very life hinged on the need to make some major changes. He added Zija’s Supermix, Premium Detox tea and more fresh fruits and veggies to his diet. He has eliminated junk food, most dairy and some meat. He has lost almost 60 lbs and is now able to be a little more active. His blood tests have shown improvement after just a few months. Michael still has a long way to go to undo the damage caused by years of toxicity and inflammation. At this writing, he is still, unfortunately, in some pain but as he continues to build muscle, lose fat and decrease inflammation, he is beginning to see more positive changes. He is optimistic that he will be able to resume many activities soon.

These 3 clients illustrate  how making changes that decrease inflammation can result in quick improvements in people’s lives and in their health profiles.

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