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Did you know there are simple solutions to mood swings, forgetfulness, hot flashes, weight gain, and more?
And they don’t involve taking drugs or locking yourself up in a room away from your spouse, kids, and job for the duration?

I wish I had found them sooner than I did. It would’ve saved a ton of aggravation. 

As women in our society, we tend to think we have no control over it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I hope you’re not one of THOSE women:

You know, the ones with all the symptoms, including threatening to string up their kids for insignificant things.

Can’t blame them. They’re at their wit’s end.

But too many of them are convinced they have no power over it.

They think they just have to suffer through in silence (or with screaming) until they get through it. And that’s just not true.

So today, let’s move beyond the complaining and suffering to some solutions.

I’m going to start with the solutions on the end of your fork.

Because it turns out that there are many foods that have phytoestrogens that will help us regulate hormones.

But there’s a big difference between the phytoestrogens in plants and the estrogens in animal-based foods.

The estrogens in animal-based foods (dairy, chicken, eggs, and more) behave like our own estrogen, only stronger. So they can have adverse effects.

As we move into perimenopause, we need compounds that gently bind to our estrogen receptors but have less estrogenic activity.
This decreases our perimenopause symptoms and also has a positive effect on other systems throughout the body. Phytoestrogens have a variety of positive effects systemically.  They even decrease the likelihood of hormone-related cancers.

So here are 5 foods that are high in phytoestrogens:

  1. Legumes: Basically all beans but soy and whole soy products like tempeh and tofu are probably the most concentrated. Organic unsweetened soy milk is also a great source.
  2. Nuts: Again, almost any kind of nuts
  3. Seeds: especially flax seeds
  4. Wheat berries: You can prepare wheat berries similarly to how you would prepare rice. They are nutty chewy alternative.
  5. Pomegranates: Many fruits also have varying amounts of phytoestrogens. Pomegranates are one such fruit.

A couple of things to note here:

These products are great for everyone, even guys.

Men have estrogen and estrogen binding sites as well. Because of the way phytoestrogens bind to those sights, phytoestrogens are thought to be advantageous for men too.

This brings up another point: phytoestrogens are typically much better at helping us achieve balance. Prescription hormones, the alternative, may be too concentrated.

And there is very little concern that you can overdo any of the food-source phytoestrogens.

Getting 1-3 servings of these foods into your body on a daily basis can start to make a difference.

In my next blog article, I’ll address Xenoestrogens. They are chemicals in our environment that mimic estrogen and can have horrendous effects on our metabolism.

In the meantime, get in touch if I can help.

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