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“What supplements do you take?” is probably one of the most common questions I hear. So as we move quickly towards a new year and a time when people look at setting new health goals, I thought I’d address that.

First, I truly believe we SHOULD be able to get all the nutrients we need from food. After all, that’s how God & Nature intended it.

But on a planet where we’ve lost most of our top soil due to poor farming practices and where many have difficulty getting safe organic food, getting all of our nutrition from food isn’t easy. 

Still, I firmly believe it’s what we should strive for.

Why do we need supplements?

Whole food contains thousands of micronutrients that work synergistically and you don’t get that when you take isolated nutrients.

That’s why when I do take supplements, they’re usually whole food-derived, such as Juice Plus+ which is made from 20 different fruits & veggies.

I choose Juice Plus because they lead the industry; having proven that their products are well absorbed and utilized by multiple systems in the body, including the immune system, the cardiovascular system, and more. 

Juice Plus+ is designed using a broad array of fruits and veggies to “bridge the gap” between what we get and what we should get. And using the theory that there is no upper limit on healthy nutrition, I take it regularly.

The second main-stay in my regime is one that is NOT food-derived. It is a Redox signaling supplement called Asea.

What is redox signaling and why is it important?

Redox substances are an integral part of ATP production (ATP is the basic energy source of our cells). However, as we age, we get less efficient at making and using these substances.

Asea is the ONLY company that has perfected, stabilized, and patented a proprietary process to make these molecules outside of the body.

Check out this animated video for a better understanding.

For me, Asea, allows me to have the stamina for bicycling distances that I had in my 30’s! And while, as a supplement, I can’t make health claims about it, I can say that I know many people whose health conditions have improved after taking it. (I have a library of video testimonials of specifics)

So, today I’ve covered 2 things I find critical.

In part 2, I’ll go on to address probiotics, Vitamin D, Omegas, and Vitamin B12; the rest of the essentials. 

If you’d like to talk 1:1 regarding any of this, contact me.

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