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It’s the first week of January. The new year.

I’m wondering, how are you doing?

I mean how are you REALLY doing?

Are you taking the steps that mean your health will be better next year than it is today?

Unfortunately, in this country, people often wait till a crisis happens to change. 

Crises that are often indicated ahead of time by our diet, our lifestyle and the medications we take if we are honest enough to look at it.

So, today I want to talk about someone who decided NOT to wait for a crisis.

Lorna W. is a client that’s unlike most for many reasons.

She had polio as a young child and it left her partially paralyzed. She walks with crutches. This means she can’t exercise very much, making it that much harder to maintain her weight. (And, at the same time, she is starting to exercise a little more. That’s what true commitment will do.)

So, additional weight for her is not about looks. It’s about mobility and longevity.

Together, we tweaked Lorna’s diet enough that she lost the few pounds she wanted to.

But it was more than that.

Lorna’s new plan brought about a change she had never seen before. You see, Lorna always had a sweet tooth. To make matters worse, her husband would often bring home tasty temptations she knew she was better off without.  Previously, she would eat them.

And Lorna had another issue too. . .Her husband does a lot of the cooking. And he is a traditional American eater who cooks what he likes.

When she took on this new commitment, it was about weight and mobility at first. Then we dug deeper and discerned it was more than that. It was about being well and relatively pain-free. It was about the self-assurance that the changes she was making now would keep her in sound body & mind; able to do the things she wants for the foreseeable future. At her age, that means a lot.

This newfound commitment to wellness gave her the edge she needed to start saying “no” to all the things that were not investing in her wellness.

The sweets. . .”No thanks.”

The meat on the plate. “I’ll take ⅓ to ½ of that. And none of the creamy sauce.
No, I don’t want the white bread.
No butter on my baked potato, Thank You. But a little salsa would be good.”

She started adding simply prepared veggies, salads, and healthy starches like beans and squash.

Then, several weeks into our working together she said this during one of our sessions: 

“. . . I feel empowered to make (food) choices that serve me. I really don’t want to eat the things that aren’t good for me (anymore).”

Then, moving forward through the holiday season she posted on my Vibrant Health Over 40 Facebook Page: (click the link to join the free group)

“I’m excited. I happily got through the holidays. I made lots of good and better choices and didn’t feel like I was missing out.
This is BIG for me. I’ve always struggled with sugar.
Holiday goodies just made it worse.

This year was different. I’ve been using the whole food, plant-based approach to wellness with Dr. Leslie’s guidance for 4 months and found I wasn’t even interested in most of goodies and when I was, I ate VERY moderately.”

So, all this is to say that change doesn’t necessarily need to be radical . . . IF. . .

If you do it before the crisis hits.

If it’s time for you to make that commitment, maybe I can help.

I have a few openings in my schedule for no-cost consultations to help you discern your goals & how to move forward.

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