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My Approach

Health and Wellness Coach

As a health & wellness coach,  I help ambitious people, mostly women who are sick and tired and want their MOJO back. So they can live with energy and vitality!


I help you take a step back and realize things won’t magically change. Together we’ll dig deep and uncover the ‘why’ that will be the key to your motivation. Then with compassion and sound science, we’ll design a plan that will move you forward. This allows you to make effective changes that bring long-term health; not just a quick fix.


Through my programs, you’ll regain the energy to live life on your terms & move with ease. In other words, giving you the health you desire as a foundation for moving your life forward.


To learn more about my Bio, visit my About Me page.


Dr Leslie smiling at the camera in a garden setting.

My science background allows me to quickly separate the chaff from the grain.  As a result, I can see what makes sense and has scientific support; regardless of who published it. 

My Commitement to You


I’ll guide you to a healthy new way with compassion & caring:

  • 40 years of experience in the health & wellness field
    • 25 years as a holistic chiropractor & nutritionist
    • 10 years as a Medical Laboratory Scientist
    • 5+ years as a health & wellness coach & consultant
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology & Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Hundreds of hours of continuing education
    • Diet & Lifestyle medicine
    • Nutrition
    • Gut health & the microbiome
    • Longevity
    • Motivational training 
    • Exercise physiology and more
But What About…

Paleo? Vegan? Whole food? High or low protein? High or low carb? 


Genetics loads the gun but LIFESTYLE pulls the trigger. You can ‘dis-inherit’ Your Family’s Diseases!


My Core Tenets

When I was called on to assist in the bone marrow biopsy of a frail elderly lady. Whose care plan wouldn’t change regardless of the outcome of this horrendous procedure, I knew… I was done.


I’ve dedicated my life to helping as many people as possible never get into that hospital bed where they lose control of their health. Above all, my intent is to help you find health & wellness through natural means.

To learn more about my Bio and Approach to Health and Wellness, visit my About Me page.


My core tenants:


  • The body is a self-healing entity.
  •  Nature (or God or Universal Energy) heals; we facilitate it or not by our actions.
  • Interference in the body’s ability to detect and correct stressors are the basis for dis-ease, which leads to dysfunction and ultimately, disease.
  • Alleviating that interference, through various natural means, allows the body to heal. 
  • You’re capable of healing until the day you die.


You Should Also Know


  • I’m a reformed cheese and ice cream addict! I’ve been there. And I Still love my chocolate!
  • In addition; I’ve been injured. I’ve been just plain lazy & stressed & more. –In other words; I’m human too! I’ve been there. There’s strength in this. 
  • If you are in pain, frustrated with being tired all the time, starting to fear aging, wanting to find a holistic natural way to address your health and get your life back.
If You are Experiencing:


  •  hormonal and weight issues
  • inflammation and/or pain
  • foggy thinking or memory issues
  • blood sugar problems
  • Symptoms of almost any issue commonly thought of as ‘genetic.’
  • Just feeling old & unable to do what you love

Let’s talk NOW!!!!!



Dr. Leslie standing next to her bike on a path
Find your youth & aliveness…

Set an appointment here for a free 30 minute intro session. -“Get Your Mojo Back!”  Together we will create an action plan!

Dr Leslies and her golden retriever enjoying the outdoors.My bio an d approach is about family and activity. Family in kayaks living life to their fullest


I enthusiastically model a balanced and vibrant lifestyle by eating an unprocessed whole-food diet, exercising smartly and regularly and taking time for the recreation & relationships that reinvigorate me. 

This empowers and energizes me to be creative and do my best work.

 I love taking time regularly to kayak in the bay and bicycle longer distances.

These moments of peace offer me the inspiration needed to propel my life and my practice forward; audaciously meeting those challenges that are allowing me to come to be seen as a top coach.

I love having the freedom to meet my own needs, the needs of my family, travel and still serve my clients with ease.