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Get Your Mojo Back – Kale Optional In The Journey To Wellness Group!


You know you should’ve been paying more attention on your Journey to Wellness but. . .
amid all the current stress, chaos & fear, there’s been NO effort; only too much Ben & Jerry’s

Now. . . You’re just SOOO stressed and . . . 



    • The scale says, “WHAT” . . . “NO! I can’t have gained THAT much!” . . . 
    • You blew up at the kids over another little thing; once again . . .
    • You need to get a handle on the mood swings & hot flashes . . .
    • The constant frustration with lying awake from 2-5AM every morning . . .
    • You’ve forgotten that word on the tip of your tongue (or someone’s name), once again . . .
    • Basic health issues, like Your blood pressure or your blood sugar is up or. . .
    • _____________________ (fill in the blank)
And ignoring it just isn’t an option anymore.
In other words, now is the time . . .to engage & discover a simple diet & lifestyle centered approach.
Imagine. . .


    • A Journey to Wellness comprised of healthy food that’s tasty but not fancy or difficult to prepare.
    • A program that won’t force you to eat kale (or anything else).
    • A program where portion control is a thing of the past. Yes; really (provided you don’t have an eating disorder).
This is the journey. . .
    • A chance to control the things you can.
    •  That creates sensible approach modeled after cultures where people grow old without growing sick.
    • An opportunity to address chronic conditions that can make you more susceptible to a serious case of CoVid19 and adopt a diet & lifestyle that can reverse the condition.
    • Taught by a doctor with a science mind and a caring heart with an alternative outlook and years of real experience, whose best friend is STILL chocolate. . .just ask her family! (Translation: there IS room for treats!)
What to expect in the Journey to Wellness Group: 8 sessions (about 60 minutes each) in a group coaching format
 Above all this is a complete but streamlined lifestyle approach including:
    • What goes in your body: a plant-centered whole food approach (healthy whole foods but not necessarily vegan)
    • What goes ON your body: toxins that act as hormones & obesegens; an actionable approach so you don’t need to spend your life researching & reading labels.
    • Your work & home environment: Practical approaches to toxins in your home & your work environment without going off the deep end.
    • Exercise: Starting where you are and advancing appropriately based on your age, overall health & condition including all aspects: balance, strength, flexibility & endurance
    • Your Gut: Your internal pharmacy; how to maximize & regulate it.
    • Breast Health & Bone Health Bonus Session: Preventing breast and Osteoporosis, understanding their relationship to diet and lifestyle, and the limitations of testing.


What’s Included:
      • My Jump-Start Your Weight Loss and Hormone Balance Quick Start Mini-Guide.
      • Assisted Pantry Clean-out, over Zoom.
      • Recipes
      • Guest presenters: Detoxifying your environment, detoxifying what goes on your body, exercise & fitness.
      • Private Facebook group
      • Lists of foods that help with detoxification, hormone balance, and more.
      • All sessions will be recorded and available to participants for download.
Journey to Wellness - Zap the Zappers


NEXT SESSION Announcing soon!

Via Zoom.

Continues Every Other Wednesday for 8 sessions.

In the meantime, learn more about Dr. Leslie’s background and approach.

You can also discover other ways to work with Dr. Leslie. Check out her One-on-One Sessions or Individual Services


“Thank you for empowering people to make wise decisions about health care and diet.  ‘Empowering’ to me means that your views over the years have actually changed the way I think about food and medicine.  Making good food choices is NOT a deprivation of joy in eating; it actually gives more joy; as I see results like the loss of 65#;  more strength and mobility,  and the loss of many aches and pains.”

“I don’t think I would have challenged my MD’s approach to medicine and prescriptions without your input to do so.”

-Ruth Smith