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Work With Me: Empowering Wellness in 2021


Dr Leslie talking to a female appearing client discussing private coaching for health benefits

Introduction To Wellness Coaching:

If you want to work with me, but you don’t know where to start. This is a great option for you.

Individual Services: 

Options Include:

  • Work With Me: if you want someone to tell you what not to eat and what to buy for a healthier lifestyle check out the Pantry Clean Out or the Trader Joe’s Shopping Experience.
  • Limited Consultations: You have one burning question you need an answer too. One option offers you an answer to one health question and includes a one-page summary. The second option gives a recommendation on the best supplement.
  • Introductory Package: Is a no frills package. It gives you a concise starting point that includes Pantry Cleanout and 2 appointments.

Private Coaching:

Two Options:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching: a 6-month program focused on you. This plan includes a 5 point customized plan.
  • Buddy Up For Health: If you prefer to take this journey with a friend this is the program for you. Accountability partners over the 6-months and beyond.

Journey To Wellness:

The Journey To Wellness Group only runs a few times a year. Check out the “Journey To Wellness” page for more details.

You can also schedule an appointment to talk to me but what option would be best for you. Book you Discovery Call Here!