Work With Me: Empowering Wellness in 2021

Multiple ways to work with Dr. Leslie

Introduction To Wellness Coaching:

Individual Services: This is where to start if you don’t know where to start.

Options Include:

  • Work With Me: if you want someone to tell you what not to eat and what to buy for a healthier lifestyle check out the Pantry Clean Out or the Trader Joe’s Shopping Experience.
  • Limited Consultations: You have one burning question you need an answer too. One option offers you an answer to one health question and includes a one-page summary. The second option gives a recommendation on the best supplement.
  • Introductory Package: Is a no frills package. It gives you a concise starting point that includes Pantry Cleanout and 2 appointments.

Private Coaching:

Two Options:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching: a 6-month program focused on you. This plan includes a 5 point customized plan.
  • Buddy Up For Health: If you prefer to take this journey with a friend this is the program for you. Accountability partners over the 6-months and beyond.

Journey To Wellness:

The Journey To Wellness Group only runs a few times a year. Check out the “Journey To Wellness” page for more details.