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Single Services and Free Stuff

You choose the single service to help you start, or continue, your food-as-medicine journey.

Work With You

Choose the service to help you start: A 1-on-1 single session were we clean out your pantry or the option to go grocery shopping together. You must live in San Luis Obispo County for these service options.

Pantry Clean Out for a fresh start on healthy livingPantry Clean Out: $97

  • We get rid of the junk in your cabinets in a one hour session with me,
  • We cover the basic concept of healthy, plant-strong eating.
  • You also receive a list of suggested restocking items.
  • Done over Zoom (or in person in San Luis Obispo County only)

 A plate of cherries, beans, yams, sliced avocadoTrader Joe’s Shopping Experience: $97 (not including grocery cost) 

We’ll meet at Trader Joe’s (San Luis Obispo County only).

  • I’ll show you numerous healthy, low fat plant-based options.
  • I show you how to read labels and what to look for.
  • I show you items I won’t purchase and why.
  • This is s one hour session.

Limited Consultations

You have a specific food or health related question. Choose your option to start: A limited Nutrition Consultation or a Supplement Consultation.

Dr Leslie working with a client on a nutritional consult

Single Service: Limited Nutrition Consult (15 minutes) $27 (plus cost of supplements)

You need an answer to a specific question about one particular area of health without giving medical advice or recommendations. This single service consult will include a one-page summary.

Examples of questions we tackle include:

  • you have general diet questions
  • lifestyle approaches to weight loss
  • balancing hormones with diet
  • lowering blood pressure with diet

Supplement bottles in a basket

Limited Nutrition Consult (15 minutes) $27 (plus cost of supplements)

This session is intended for the person that has some basic knowledge of what they’re looking for and wants a recommendation as to superior brands.

A great place to start if you want a recommendation for a

  • good probiotic
  • want to know the best joint compound
  • you need a specific nutritional recommendation

This session is intended ONLY to deal with one specific issue and is NOT a medical recommendation.

Dr.-Leslie-meeting-with-a-mom-and-child-in-a-playground-setting.Limited Consult: (15 min. follow-up) $50

ONLY for people who have worked with me in the past.

You must have approval from me before scheduling this appointment.

This appointment is intended for  a very narrow range of circumstances for people who have coached with me previously. It is not intended as medical advice or recommendation.

Introductory Package $297

This package is for you if you know you need help but aren’t ready to invest in a full one-on-one coaching program.

This introductory package includes all 3 appointments (initial consult, pantry cleanout and follow-up call) as well as your Customized 5 Point Plan. An ideal first step; it will give you a taste of what coaching is all about and get you tangible results without a long-term commitment. Get started on the road to better health TODAY.

Barbells, bannans, apples, and measuring tape

FREE 30 Day At-Home Wellness Challenge

You want to address that pesky health issue, get some SIMPLE answers, and conquer the whole aging thing without a boatload of pills or a ton of research.

If you say “No thanks” to spending your life in the gym and eating nothing but kale.
Then you’re in the right place.

No results? But you still want to drop weight, get your energy level up, and feel sexy in your skin.

To put it simply, you want your Mojo back!
Hell, who doesn’t?

It’s simple. I’ve got your back.

  • Daily Motivation
  • Daily Accountability
  • Daily Nutritional Tips
  • Daily Exercise/Workout Challenges
  • Daily Support and Encouragement

Click the button to find our more information and sign up for your FREE 30 Day Wellness Challenge.

The Five Point Customized Plan

Your 5 Point Customized Plan includes:

  1. A 30-minute Pantry Cleanout session (in person if you’re local or over Zoom if not). Yes, you and me getting rid of the junk!. . .together!  This is the easiest way. You’ll also get a list of things to stock up on. We’ll get down to business and complete this, regardless of how long it takes!
  2. A 7 Day Cleanse program to help jumpstart your progress. This will be a whole food plant-based program designed with your health concerns in mind. We’ll expand the Cleansing Program to a day-in-day out meal plan designed to get you the reults you want and need.
  3. Simple healthy recipes: resource list (my favorite books & websites)  along with some of my own easy recipes so you can continue to move forward with a healthy balanced diet simply & effectively. I’ll continue to help supply you with simple recipes for healthy eating that’s not boring.
  4. A moderate exercise plan: a plan that will start you where you’re at and help you move forward without spending your life at the gym but still get you the results you need and want. 
  5. A medicinal foods list: A list of foods geared toward helping eliminate or control your most important health issue(s). 

Your follow-up session will give us the opportunity to recognize progress and outline steps for the future 3.

You can book a discovery call with me to determine which options is best for you. Schedule your Discovery Call here.