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Dr. Leslie’s Store:  Professional grade supplements, organic healthy skin care and more!

Wellevate is a health products distribution center with15,000+ products and over 100 brands. These are ONLY available through health professionals. Name brands known & trusted by professionals world wide. Now accessible to you. 

One benefit to using Wellevate is that I can make recommendations specific for your individual needs. Re-order is easy. You will have a link to quickly reorder what you need, when you want it. You also have the option of auto-reorder if you choose.
I recommend professional grade products because of their quality and the difference I have seen in those who use the products. 

Other Product Recommendations:

In addition to, Juice Plus+ is a whole food concentrated fruit & vegetable supplement. The fruits and vegetables are fresh picked, juiced, and dried at a low temperature to maintain all the nutritional density of the whole food. The powders are than packaged into capsules or chewables. This product is designed to bridge the gap between what we should get and what we really get. 


Watch the video (see below) to get a brief introduction and understand why this is a Product Recommendation. 


You can Contact me with further questions or place your order here.

Watch this video on “Living Your Healthiest Life with Juice Plus”. It describes the benefits of healthy living with Juice Plus Capsules and Chewables.

Order Juice Plus+ Whole Food Supplements:

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Likewise, The Tower Garden by Juice Plus+, is another product recommendation. This product gives you the ability to have an aeroponic garden on your patio or porch. You can grow your own vegetables for your plant-based lifestyle. I also offer a variety of plant-based recipes to help you on your journey.


Watch the video below and check out the website.


Contact me with your questions. 

Watch this video to see how the Tower Garden works.

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Not sure which supplement option is best for you?

Check out the Individual Services to learn more about single appointment options. These options will help you take your first step to living a life of vitality. You can schedule an appointment by selecting the service you want to discuss.

Learn more about my background and approach to living a life full of vitality. This link will cover my medical experience that led to my approach; as well as, my journey with my health and wellness. I live what I teach.