Dr. Leslie smiling at the camera

Dr. Leslie’s Talk Titles Include:

  • Self Care for Entrepreneurs: overcome the saboteurs that zap you physically and fiscally.  
  • The Key to a Lifetime of Vitality, Positive Moods, and Clear Thinking.
  • Wellness and Your Bottom Line: overcome the saboteurs that zap you physically and fiscally.
  • Self Care: Fueling Yourself for Success.

*Learn more about Dr. Leslie or discover more information on her speaking engagement topics, by visiting her About Me Page or Bio and Approach for Health and Wellness. You can also check out her blogs.

*Coming Soon! A recordings page will soon be up with previous podcast interviews and a webinar snippet.

Dr. Leslie sitting outside near Morro Bay Rock smiling at the camera
Dr. Leslie talking to someone off camera

To Book Dr. Leslie For Your Group:

  1. Email Dr. Leslie at: leslie@drlesliek.com
  2. Subject Line Potential Speaking Opportunity
  3. In the email let Dr. Leslie know what dates are available, group focus or what topic the group would like information on. If no topic Dr. Leslie will work with you to determine what fits best for the group. 



“The information and research that I received from Dr. Leslie was life altering and exciting. Her knowledge base for a wide range of topics including child health was easy to follow although totally science based.  I have altered many food behaviors for myself and my young son. Dairy products are limited, animal protein as well. The concept of a plant based diet was old news, but not until she put a new spin on it for me and explained the benefits did I have a resurgence of enthusiasm and curiosity. Her supplement recommendations completed the picture. Thank you, Dr. Leslie!”

Best, Bernadene


“Leslie speaks to the reality of health and not just preventing disease. Ones daily choices make all the difference and she delivers a presentation giving specific examples from her life and others on what choices make the most difference, as well as actionable suggestions. In a world where people are seeking the imaginary magic pill, Leslie provides real life information to guide us to health.” – Marjorie Drube, Realtor and Rotarian

Dr. Leslie near Morro Bay Rock smiling at the camera