Science of Healthy Eating

Empower Your Health & Choices

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Our next Food Over Medicine Series:

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A Five Part Series; 365 Quintana Blvd., Suite F2, Morro Bay, CA 6:30-8:00 pm
  • Learn: How to use the eating habits  of the world’s healthiest cultures to reverse disease. (Easy; no counting calories, carbs or nutrients.)
  • The Secret to lifetime mobility as you age.
  • End confusion: Learn what your test results mean & the choices arising from them.
  • Understand medical propaganda conflicting headlines.
  • How to work in partnership with your doctor & have real choice.

Includes special class on putting it all together including cooking, shopping & more.

How to be your own Health Guru! This course will put YOU; not your insurance company or your doctor in the driver’s seat for your and your family’s health.

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