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Our next Food Over Medicine Series:

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A Five Part Series; 365 Quintana Blvd., Suite F2, Morro Bay, CA 6:30-8:00 pm
  • Learn: How to use the eating habits  of the world’s healthiest cultures to reverse disease. (Easy; no counting calories, carbs or nutrients.)
  • The Secret to lifetime mobility as you age.
  • End confusion: Learn what your test results mean & the choices arising from them.
  • Understand medical propaganda conflicting headlines.
  • How to work in partnership with your doctor & have real choice.

Includes special class on putting it all together including cooking, shopping & more.

How to be your own Health Guru! This course will put YOU; not your insurance company or your doctor in the driver’s seat for your and your family’s health.

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The Medicalization of Life. . .The continuing saga Did you know that science doesn’t support and the U.S. Task Force on Preventative Medicine doesn’t recommend yearly physical exams for most people? Did you know that science doesn’t support & US Preventative Medicine Task Force doesn’t recommend the use of low dose aspirin to prevent a primary cardiovascular event in people under 50 or over 70? Further, they only recommend it[…]

Heart Health: Knowledge is Power Last week another local Facebook friend underwent heart bypass surgery and once again I witnessed the common social media reaction: prayers for his safety and quick recovery, shock that this was happening to another seemingly healthy person, tons of well-wishes and genuine concern. All of which I share. Still, for me, once again there is disappointment and even anger. Anger at the Medical Industrial Complex[…]

(sorry if you opened an email sent yesterday that inadvertently published too soon) Ever feel confused about what to eat to maintain health? Who hasn’t? Ever wonder where some recommendations come from and who you should trust? I know, even as a lifetimes healthcare provider and proverbial health nut, sometimes I, myself have been confused. The thing is, there are standard and straightforward answer for much of this stuff. The[…]

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