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Join Me March 22 & 23 at the SLO Health & Fitness Expo

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Please join me this weekend at the Health & Fitness Expo; 10AM-4PM Saturday & Sunday. I’ll also be speaking on Sunday at 11AM. Learn more about the importance of of a plant-based diet and how it really can save your life. Our booth is #70B located in the back left corner. Be sure to mention this post when you stop by. I have a limited number of goodies for doing so.

If growing your own food is something you’ve thought about doing; you’ll find that the Tower Gardens we have on display will help you do that vertically on a patio or deck using just 5-10% of the water & nutrients needed by a traditional garden and requiring far less maintenance (typically about 1/2 hour/week once planted. And assemlying your Tower Garden & planting it can be done in abut an hour!)


Tower Gardens w QR code


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