Dieting VS Cleansing & Detox or Why the Yo-Yo Effect Happens

Well it’s now Spring which means Summer (and bathing suit season) isn’t too far off. If your New Year’s Resolution about getting healthier and losing weight has gone by the wayside (as it statistically has for most) you might looking for that One Last Diet. Maybe you’ve had luck losing weight before with a low carb diet (the most common) like “Atkin’s Diet” or similar and even though you gained it back over time you tell yourself, “This time it’ll be different.”

Before you do that, you might look at some actual mechanisms that occur in the body and think about your ‘diet’ in a new way. Here’s why: The human body is an amazing machine! When we take in toxins that are body can’t readily process, the body stores those toxins in fat so it can deal with them later. So when we release fat by converting into energy during weight loss, we release the toxins into our blood stream! Here’s the thing: that low carb diet and many other similar diets don’t have the bulk necessary for you to be able to pass those toxins out of your system quickly (read: you must poop more to do this!) The result can be that sluggish feeling you get, but also, understand that your body is now effectively CONCENTRATING those toxins! The accompanying picture demonstrates it well. Because your body NEEDS the fat (and the water it accumulates WITH the fat) to keep those toxins out of your blood stream, as soon as go ‘off’ the diet, the protective mechanisms kick in and you gain the weight back, even if you’re not being ‘bad!’

So what IS the answer? The answer lies in DETOXING and Cleansing rather than ‘dieting.’ When you detox, you stick to whole food, predominantly plant-based eating; staying as close to possible to unprocessed, natural & organic foods. These are foods that have little toxins in them. Eliminate processed foods (wheat & corn based), dairy and most (or all) animal products. You then add things that help you detoxify your system such as lemons, beets, parsley and lots of fiber (the kind you find in real food, not Metamucil!) Add LOTS of water (1/2 oz. to 1 oz. per pound of body weight daily). And add a high quality detoxifying tea; ideally one like Zija’s Premium Tea, that contains herbs to detoxify the liver, the colon and the kidneys.  Now you have a way to eliminate the toxins by passing them readily OUT of the body. The result is a healthier you and far less tendency to gain the weight back. This is the diet that I used last year to drop 15 lbs and keep it off for a year after having yo-yo-ed at least 5 times in the past 7-8 years!

For those who want to take action now, for a limited time (till April 4th only!) you can get sample package of Zija products including the Premium Tea and other top shelf nutrition products at a great savings. Email me immediately, I have a limited number of vouchers that will allow you $100 value for just $40.

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