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Facing the Flu Season With Caution; Not Fear

Facing the Flu Season With Caution; Not Fear


Headline: Worst Flu Season in Years. Vaccine Purported to be Less than 10% Effective

They’re selling FEAR; actually they’re giving it away for free.  What can you do?

Simple Prevention:

  1. Hand-washing! Often! With soap & water as much as possible. It’s better than hand-sanitizers (but they are better than nothing).
  2. Get Adjusted regularly: Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to cause a surge of T Cell production. -I joke to my patients that I got an immunity with my diploma. Regular chiropractic care means I’ve had the flu ONCE in the past 25 years. Between my 2 now-grown children and my husband, there has been ONE case of the flu; sometime around the year 2003! People who see me or other chiropractors on a regular basis (monthly or more) report similar results. If you DO get the flu, get adjusted as soon as you can and LISTEN to your chiropractor about when to return.
  3. Eat your fruits and veggies! Aim for 5 servings of each per day! MORE if you’re sick.
  4. Can’t get 5 of each or more/day? Eat Juice Plus+; made from fresh raw fruits & veggies, it’s a supplement that can help bridge the gap.
  5. Add herbs known to help the immune system: garlic & ginger are great for prevention. Echinecea and Elderberry syrup are great if you’re sick. (There are lots more. This article only touches the surface.)
  6. Add a Moringa supplement: another great immune booster. The best one I’ve found is Zija’s SuperMix.
  7. Essential oils such as tee tree, eucalyptus and immune blends can be used for prevention or treatment. (use caution, some oils are not suitable for children. Consult with me or someone that understands oils)

If, in spite of it all, you DO get sick:

  1. Rest! STAY HOME! You don’t need to spread it!
  2. Elderberry Syrup is great for coughs; it soothes the throat but doesn’t suppress a productive cough. -Productive coughs are good. They help you get rid of the stuff.
  3. There are a variety of additional essential oils that can help acute situations. Consult with me or another knowledgeable professional.
  4. Stay as comfortable as possible but DO remember that fever is your body’s way of killing the offending bug faster. If you take medicine to bring your fever down, you may increase the length of your illness.
  5. Drink fluids; LOTS of them including green tea, water with lemon and honey, broths, etc.
  6. Stay away from dairy products which can increase mucus & congestion.
  7. Use your best judgement & be informed about medications, including Tami-flu. There are reports of adverse reactions. It has been banned for use by teenagers in Japan due to several bizarre suicides.
  8. Do seek appropriate professional care if your symptoms do not improve or worsen after an appropriate period of time.

None of the above is meant to take the place of medical care.

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