5 Simple & Healthy Answers to More Energy NOW

5 Simple & Healthy Answers to More Energy NOW

Drag yourself out of bed; stumble through the morning routine till you get that cup of coffee (or 2 or 3 for some). Then you’re ok till about 2pm when you need the quick sugar rush to get to the day’s end.

Does this sound like the basis of your work-a-day life? It’s a reality for far too many of us; especially once we are middle-aged or beyond.

Here are 5 simple healthy answers to start your day & carry you thru: (in my next blog article, I’ll address more changes along with end of the day & night time recommendations.)

  1. A consistent bedtime that allows you at least 7 (preferably 8) hours of sleep per night.
  2. Go out in the direct daylight for 5 minutes when you first wake up.  Take a few deep breaths as you face the rising sun and allow the direct daylight to flood your body with the hormones that will enliven your day. For a more active wake up, add a couple of salutations to the sun. 3 minute video: 
  3. Kickstart your digestive system with a cup warm water with ¼ fresh lemon squeezed into it before you eat anything else.
  4. Eat a light healthy breakfast. Too much animal protein can make you feel sluggish. Processed carb sugary breakfast cereals can give you a quick sugar high that causes a later crash. Smoothies with healthy plant fats, protein, berries and greens make a good well-rounded breakfast. See below for recommendations.
  5. Do you need a B-12 or Vitamin D3 supplement? If you eat little or no animal products (especially if you’re over 50), you may need B12. If you don’t get regular sunlight without sunscreen on significant parts of your body regularly, you may need a Vitamin D3 supplement (I suggest 5,000 units/day). Decreases in both of these nutrients can affect energy levels adversely. You can find my favorite professional quality D3 and B12 in ‘my favorites’ on my online store here. 

Quick Smoothie (general recipe)

8 oz. plant-based milk of your choice

(If it’s soy, be sure its organic) or 

Replace plant-milk with a handful of nuts & 8 oz. of water for a whole food option

1 Cup frozen berries

1 Handful of greens (spinach, arugula, kale are all great choices)

1 Tbsp. flax seeds

Plant based protein powder

Blend ½ the milk or water, nuts & seeds & greens together for a minute. Then add other ingredients and blend again.

My next article will cover more & watch social media for my announcement on my upcoming free webinar on Getting Your Mojo Back.

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