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When I read it in Scientific American, even I was shocked. 

“It was a government agency (the FDA) picking. . .who it was going to talk to on a matter of public policy.” And you had to agree to NOT ask questions (of the FDA OR others) until after the FDA deemed it appropriate in order to be included! (The quote is attributed to Fox’s senior national correspondent, John Roberts.)

“Media coverage of the campaign is guaranteed; however, we want to ensure outlets provide quality coverage of the launch,” the (policy) document explains. “The media briefing will give us an opportunity to shape the news stories, conduct embargoed interviews with the major outlets ahead of the launch and give media outlets opportunities to prepare more in-depth coverage of the campaign launch.”

In other words, they, as a governmental agency, think it’s perfectly appropriate for them to dictate the conversation about. . .medications, procedures, black-box warnings, supplements, anything & everything related to YOUR health! And so the FDA is apparently using the ‘close-hold embargo’ whenever it deems it appropriate.

Fortunately, there are people like me in the world that do what they can both to expose this AND to ask the tough questions about drugs, procedures & more.

So do you want the real scientific skivvy (in plain English)?

  • Am I more likely to find a dangerous cancer WITH mammography or am I more likely to develop cancer FROM yearly mammography?
  • Do Lipitor and aspirin help?
  • What REALLY is the world healthiest diet? (hint: it’s not vegan, paleo OR keto)
  • And perhaps most importantly: What can I do to be assured that I won’t agree with my doctor and do something just because I don’t know if it’s the best thing, but I figure he/she must know best?

These are just some of the things we’ll address in “Empower Your Health & Choices: Food Over Medicine.” The 5 session course will happen live in Morro Bay April 2-16 (on Tuesday & Thursday evenings) 6:30-8pm. The program will be recorded and will be available to anyone that’s registered that misses any sessions. Register here

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