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“How do you even start making simple & healthy food choices?” She asked.

This is actually a fairly common question in my practice.

We are bombarded by advertising, people posting memes, health ‘gurus’ espousing things that aren’t the least bit healthy and more.

To a large extent, we’ve lost clarity about what is healthy and what isn’t.

Let’s break it down a bit:

If you look worldwide you find places where people live pain & disease-free into their 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. 

Who are they?

What do they eat? (we will cover what else they do in another blog later)

The Blue Zones are areas are 5 areas where people live much more healthfully than we do.

The hallmark of a Blue Zone diet is that it’s rich in complex carbohydrates; whole unprocessed grains, beans, fruits and veggies. What many would call “plant-rich” or “plant strong.” 

They eat 90-95% whole food and plant-based. But they are not necessarily vegan!

“But I can’t eat that way. I have Type 2 Diabetes.” she retorted.

Actually, you can! IF you are ready to listen and learn.

Note: my job here, as I see it, is NOT to “convert” this client. It is to give her the information so she can make a more informed choice.

The latest evidence (AND studies going back to the 1900’s) indicate that diabetes has far more to do with taking in too much fat; not too much sugar. 

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