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Can you reverse diabetes? If so, what’s the best diet for that?

You might be surprised to learn the answer.

My new client has Type 2 diabetes. It is an all-too-common malady in our fast food, convenience society.

As a result, for the past couple of years she’s been following much of the standard recommendations:

  • Keep away from breads, cereals, and sugar.
  • Don’t eat too much fruit.
  • Be careful about complex carbohydrates. 
  • Eat protein.

Because of that, she has made some progress but her blood sugar remains high.

This ‘traditional’ approach seldom reverses the disease process. And that’s just what we’ve seen. 

But there is another approach that is radically different from that.

Did you know that research shows that FAT, not carbohydrate, is actually the cause of type 2 diabetes?!

So, one can adopt an alternative diet:

High Carb, Low Fat Whole Food Diet:

Restrictions: Animal protein 

But allowed:

  • Complex carbohydrates.
  • Beans.
  • Whole unprocessed grains like quinoa and whole grain rice.
  • Squash and potatoes.
  • Fruit.
  • All vegetables.
  • Nuts and seeds.

And, eventually, some people are even able to eat processed white flour and white rice.


  • Increasing sensitivity to Insulin.
  • Better blood sugar control.
  • Lower HgA1C.
  • Increased likelihood of reversing diabetes and related diseases. 

With this diet, you restrict only animal foods (and added isolated oil). And you can also eat almost anything else. So, it’s far less restrictive. In addition, it’s healthier for your heart, arteries, liver, and almost every organ and system. It also produces healthier results and more possibility of getting off of medication & reversing disease.

But it’s unfortunate that medicine favors the quick symptomatic approach. And it doesn’t help with long-term health. There’s also evidence dating back a century showing that a plant-based approach can reverse the process. 

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  • Ruth Smith

    Really welcome advice. The picture looks yummy. Thanks to internet we can look up recipes, but your including a few would be so encouraging as this is a new way to cook for many of us.

  • Rahul sharma

    This is eye-opening, filled with huge information, and at the same time I am just reading this article right now and I felt like it must be shared. If you did not see it yet – xxxxxxxx please it is for your own sake – Enjoy, and arm yourself with knowledge!

    • Leslie Kasanoff

      Thanks for your comments & insight!
      I have a policy of editing out websites referred to in comments. I do not want to chance anyone getting a virus or getting hacked. I hope you understand.

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