Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is about a holistic approach to your health.

Let me help you develop your hidden strengths and assets to  bring the positive change you desire. Education and guidance will empower you to make better choices. Your choices are what’s right for you. A good coach need not agree with her client’s choices. I will always respect your choice and help empower you move in that direction.

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The unique aspect of my coaching is the desire to help you make more informed choices about every aspect of your health. From having a PAP smear to a colonoscopy, mammogram, or PSA test to  taking medication and more, we know ALL drugs and procedures can have untoward adverse effects (so called ‘side effects). Unfortunately, medical recommendations come from organizations that typically have their own agendas; often based in supporting an industry or a sponsor that is direct conflict with our health.  (an example: the USDA was founded to support farmers but then was tasked with providing citizens with nutrition guidance) My coaching will educate you on the science; unbiased data on procedures,  meds and other possible choices so you can make the most informed choice; the best choice for you. From diet and lifestyle, to herbs and supplements, to alternative care  and more, I combine my 30 years as a holistic chiropractor, my 10 years in Western medicine as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and my lifetime as a nutrition geek to research and give you the well-rounded factual information based on YOUR agenda; (not mine or some Big Brother organization’s)  Book a Consult for a limited problem here: (a 2 session package; Ideal for someone who wants information on healthy alternatives to one medication.)

My work as a wellness coach recognizes not only nutrition & exercise, but strives to balance mental/emotional well-being, spirituality & meaning, family and work-life balance all together within an optimally functioning body and taking responsibility for all aspects of your health. It strives to add components like healthy sunshine and a natural environment to your life and help inspire you to eliminate stress in all forms.

But, here’s the thing: most of us are sick NOT because of environmental toxicity (or genetics) but because we are eating processed and animal foods 15+ times per week. Still, we have the ability to dive deep and consider how everything from your cell phone to the toxins in your air, food and water could be contributing negatively to your health.  I’ll help you determine where to draw the line for YOU as an individual and the practical steps you can take to change things.

Wellness coaching takes you from illness to wellness and ideally works in cooperation with your physician to help you find long term healthful answers, not just cover up symptoms or improve lab results.

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Following our consultation, I’ll make recommendations for a program (length and intensity to be determined) based on YOUR goals & desired timeline.