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Do you ever feel like the lady in the picture here?
Like you’re trying to fight your way out of a fog?

Your hormones are likely playing a pivotal role whether you’re perimenopausal (or even female) or not. But there’s a lot more you can do about it than you think.

Though the graphic is highly over-simplified, from it you can get a sense that there are things you can do to make a difference.

But where do you start?

Today I’ll suggest 5 things:

1. Eat more whole food:

WHole food helps to feed the good guys of your microbiome. They’re the ones that favor appropriate concentrations of dopamine and other neurotransmitters. They help you feel good and think clearly. They actually make the stuff. If you don’t have the right ones, you’re screwed (unless you can entice them to grow. More on that another time soon.)

2. Eat more greens:

Greens, more specifically, also contain nitrates. They are converted by your gut bugs to nitric oxide which helps dilate your blood vessels. This can lead to a reduction in blood pressure and better blood perfusion throughout your body, including your brain. So, you are favoring clearer thinking.

3. Breathe!

I’m talking about a specific type of relation breathing here.

Before you begin each meal, take a couple of minutes and take 10 deep breaths, in through your nose (to a count of 4) and out through your mouth (to a count of 8). This intensional relaxation breathing can help reduce stress and cortisol levels. That calms you down and helps your food digest easier.

4. Get some exercise!

Aerobic exercise helps your body in innumerable ways.

The 2 things I want to mention here:

Exercise helps balance many of your neurotransmitters and

helps bring fresh blood supply to the brain. Both of those things help you think clearer.

5. Cut back on animal product consumption:

You don’t need to “go vegan,” but at least start by decreasing dairy consumption. 2 reasons:

Decreasing animal food consumption will help balance your hormones (because you’re not consuming as much hormone-laden foods).

Decreasing saturated fat consumption will help blood flow; including blood flow to the brain.

So, taken together, these things can get you started on the road to balancing your hormones and to clearer thinking.

Tune in next time for more. . .

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