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I’m a Baby-boomer who refuses to grow old.

I can’t deny the chronology. I’m at an age where most of my peers are on medications. Complaints of pain, infirmary, disability and more occupy their minds, their conversations and their time.

But I’ve spent most of the past 30 years ‘walking my talk’ in terms of my health. And it’s paid off. I’d like to help you do the same.

I just completed a 3 week, approximately 600-mile self-supported bicycle trip. I thought I might discern the most important aspects of refusing to grow old.
  1. Mental Attitude: Stay young at heart. Sometimes you will be the oldest person at the party. Sometimes people will talk about ideas you’re not familiar with or technology you don’t understand. Always make it a point to be continually learning and growing,
  2. Eat properly: A diet heavy on fruits & vegetables, beans and more and light on animal foods, junk food and added oil will give you the nutrition you need to maintain your youthful vigor.
  3. Aerobic workouts: Constant and never-ending improvement in terms of your aerobic capacity. There is NOTHING that makes you feel younger and more alive than having great aerobic capacity. So if you can ride 30+ miles on a bike, run several miles, or kayak for an hour or more at a clip; the power is an indescribable high.
  4. Stretching: As we get older, some of our muscles tend to shorten and this can cause injuries if you don’t stretch properly and consistently.
  5. Consistency: Staying young requires a type of consistency that many don’t have. You can’t do it with the ‘weekend warrior’ attitude you had in your 40’s. 

It’s when we get past our 50’s that we start to see the consistency that’s required. 

The consistency that makes me feel like I’m going to regret it when I don’t SOME form of serious aerobic workout at least twice and usually 3 times a week. 

You might think this is burdensome but it’s actually just the opposite. It’s freeing. Freeing because I know that when I’m consistently ‘on my game’ with my workouts, I feel like I’m ‘aging backwards.’ I feel more youthful with each workout.

I hope this inspires you to begin pursuing a more consistent level of fitness as you get older.

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