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How do you make a plant-based diet NOT boring?

What do you cook so you won’t be bored & feel deprived in 3 weeks and want to quit?

These are some of the fundamental things I work with my clients on.

Today I have a secret for you . . .

It’s a simple recipe that you can vary; based on your moods, based on who you’re cooking for, or what’s in your cupboard.

Are you in the mood for Mexican flair?

Simply use Mexican spices.

Are you in the mood for Italian, Indian or Thai? 

Then use the appropriate spices.

Do you have some veggies around that are getting a little old & need to be eaten? 

Throw them in.

Want to up the protein content? Add some beans.

Want to up it even more? Add tofu or tempeh.

You can also batch cook your grains ahead of time. 

Or just make enough for 2-3 days when you cook them today.

Dr. Leslie’s Basic Veggie Stir-Fry (Serves 4)

1 large onion 

1-2 cloves of garlic, minced

1 bell pepper

1-2 small zucchinis

1 or more additional vegetables (I suggest spinach or kale)

(Add other vegetables to your liking: mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke hearts, more if desired)

(optional but recommended: 1 can garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed)

(optional additional protein: tofu or tempeh chunks- pre-marinated and cooked)

1/4 cup vegetable broth

1 can Trader Joe’s Diced & Fire Roasted tomatoes with green chiles

2-3 cups cooked grains (brown rice, quinoa, or other)

Spices: Mexican: cumin, Mexican oregano, cilantro

Italian: Oregano, basil

Thai: Thai chiles, lemongrass, ginger

Other varieties to suit your tastes.

Optional: 1-3 Tbsp. nutritional yeast


  • Dice all the veggies into bite-sized pieces.
  • Heat a 10 inch frying pan over medium high heat for a minute or 2.
  • Add the onions and about a tablespoon of veggie broth and sauté, stirring frequently & scraping to prevent sticking.
  • Lower the heat a little if needed to prevent burning. You want to allow browning but not burning.
  • If you’re using raw broccoli or cauliflower add these now and more broth if needed.
  • Add any spices except fresh cilantro (if using) now. 
  • Continue cooking for a few more minutes until onions start to get translucent.
  • Add bell peppers, garlic (mushrooms can be added now, if using) and continue cooking & stirring for a couple more minutes.
  • Keep broth available and add a few drops if needed to prevent scorching.
  • Add the zucchini and any other veggies (except spinach or anything else that only requires wilting) and cook for a couple of minutes.
  • Add the canned tomatoes, (garbanzos,) (and tofu or tempeh if using) and continue cooking.
  • When you estimate all veggies are about 2-3 minutes from being done, add the spinach & stir.
  • (Add nutritional yeast, if using & stir again).
  • When veggies are cooked, taste and adjust spices as needed. Remove from heat & stir in fresh cilantro if using. 

Serve over or side-by-side with your warm grain. 

Additional ideas:
Add a handful of raisins just before adding spinach (works will with Asian spices).
Garnish with pistachios or raw cashew chunks.

Need more help on preparing nutritionally rich and varied plant-centered foods and how they can help you avoid or reverse common problems like weight gain, temper flairs, blood sugar issues and more?

I’ve got both 1:1 and small group programs starting soon.

Let’s set up a time to talk NOW.

I’d love to help you make 2022 the year that makes a REAL difference in life & health.

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