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Your body creates inflammation as part of the healing process! Inflammation is the initial part of the healing process and is vital to it. It’s only when inflammation gets out of control that it becomes a problem!


We now know that chronic inflammation is a contributing part to almost any chronic disease you can name. So squelch chronic inflammation and you will live healthier and pain-free for many more years!

What contributes to Inflammation? The Biggies:

  • The 5 white poisons: White flour, white rice, white sugar, dairy, GMO Soy
  • Processed foods: food with the above but also artificial colors, preservatives, chemicals and vegetable oils
  • Animal foods; especially high animal fat foods

Over the next few blog entries, I’ll be talking about ways to decrease inflammation.

Today we introduce Moringa olifera! Superfood of Superfoods

When I started adding the Moringa found in Zija International’s Smartmix and Supermix, something amazing happened. I found that my nearly 60 year habit of night time munching was getting under control! Many aches & pains disappeared and my energy level improved as well. A few weeks later, I had lost 7lbs without really even trying and went on, using Zija’s additional products, to lose a total of 15lbs. Give the body what it needs & it doesn’t suffer from cravings! I’ve kept that off for an year and recently started working on the last 10lbs!

With 36 different anti-inflammatory compounds; Moringa is a powerhouse when it comes to decreasing inflammation. This 3 minute animated is much easier than reading! :

Moringa Animation from Club Moringa Network on Vimeo.

Email me by June 1st and you can get a $50 sample package plus a wholesale membership to purchase Zija products for just $20.  Just copy “I’m in!” into your email & I’ll contact you! (And if you’re looking for a business or a “Plan B” in case your job goes away, this can offer you a great opportunity. Let’s talk!)

Learn more about Zija’s other products, including Ameo Clinical Grade Essential Oils and Ripstix Fitness products here.



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