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Did you get on the scale this morning and say, “Oh crap! I gained another pound!”? 

All this Covid19 staying at home is wreaking so much havoc on us all.

It doesn’t matter WHO you are, it’s affecting everyone.

From the mid-life woman struggling with home-schooling kids to the kids themselves, we ALL need some help. (And let’s not forget your parents or grandparents for whom Covid19 and the inflammation caused by weight gain can be a fatal combination.)

And staying healthy has become so much more of a concern we can’t just ignore or back-burner during these times. 

Indeed, everything we learn suggests that decreasing weight and inflammation will help us fight a more serious case of Covid19 if we get it.

With that in mind, these ‘hacks’ will lead to a healthier, lighter, and less inflamed you, long-term.
  1. Consume an abundance of Calorie-dilute fruits and vegetables. Raw or cooked whole fruits and veggies are the most nutritiously-dense foods in the world. We’re talking about almost every fruit or veggie with some rare exceptions (exceptions: olives, coconut, avocado, nuts & seeds.)
  2. Don’t drink your calories: juice, soda, smoothies, energy drinks, and more. Americans consume hundreds of calories in drinks daily. Here’s the rub: the calories we drink are ALL considered excess. We don’t eat fewer calories because we are drinking them. Work to cut them out completely. In the meantime, reduce them as much as you can.
  3. Eat more fluid-rich foods. In contrast to #2 above, eating fluid-rich foods like soups, stews, and cooked cereals or grains fills us up and keeps us full for longer. So, as long as it’s not a cream-based soup, it’s helpful.
  4. Ditch the added oils. Oil contributes 270 Calories per ounce and no real nutritional value. You can saute without oil by heating the food a little more slowly and keeping it moving or by adding a few drops of water or veggie broth. And you can get all the healthy fat you need from naturally occurring fats in whole foods. That avocado or handful of nuts you likely consume daily is more than enough. You need not add fat.
  5. Use pureed fruit or veggies with spices for salad dressing instead of oil-based dressings.
These simple little hacks can save you hundreds of calories per day.
That can translate to 10-50 lbs. over the course of a year.

Need more hacks like this?

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