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How can we maintain clear thinking as we age?
Below you’ll find 7 simple lifestyle habits to keep your mind functioning well at any age.

Sometimes it seems like the simplest things are a struggle. 

It happened to me a few days ago. 
“Why did I come into this room?”
“Ok, I got sidetracked again,”
as I pulled myself out of the social media tunnel.
For several hours.

Then I realized. . .my routine morning routine was off.
And I had let my meditation practice go.
And my usual exercise routine had gotten interrupted.
In addition, I wasn’t eating as well or as regularly as I do when I’m more active. 

So, a couple hours later, some healthy food in me, a little exercise, 5 minute of meditation and I was back on my game.

As we age, the little things can add up and affect our ability to function.

So with that in mind, here are 7 simple habits to get your brain back on an even keel.

  1. Make sure you’re getting enough regularly scheduled sleep. Even if you don’t feel you need it, your body and mind will benefit from getting at least 7hours/night.
  2. Get consistent exercise. It brings fresh blood flow into your brain.
  3. Meditate. Meditation is about training your brain. Just as your muscles need training, your brain also needs training. There are numerous apps, YouTube videos, and more that can help you get started.
  4. Get fresh air and sunshine: Vitamin D is not a vitamin! It’s a hormone made by your skin in response to sunshine. And as a hormone, it functions in many ways, including in our brain’s processing centers.
    Getting out in the early morning light helps all this and helps regulate Melatonin levels as well. (Reference the connection to regular sleep mentioned above.)
  5. Eat greens daily. Green vegetables are used by gut bacteria and your endothelium (the cells that line your veins and arteries) to make nitric oxide. This is the chemical that allows your arteries to expand, increasing blood flow to your brain and other vital organs. That brings fresh nutrients to your brain. See the connection?
  6. Eat more antioxidant-rich berries; specifically blueberries. Studies show that blueberries, eaten consistently, increase brain function & memory in older adults. 
  7. Stay social and conversational. Communicating with other humans regularly helps us make sense of everything around us. It also exercises our ability to synthesize and process information.

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  • Audrey McManus

    Thank you very Leslie, very helpful reminders.

  • Ruth Smith

    Thanks for these reminders. Consistency is the key in every one!
    Love, Ruth

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