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Is there a natural approach to the mood swings brought about by hormone surges during peri-menopause and menopause?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Having written those 2 sentences, part of me feels like I’m done & you should just pick up the phone! But I know it’s not that simple.

Since International Mental Health Day was earlier this week, this seemed like a timely thing.

So here’s a little more.

The trick is in quieting down your hormones.

And the magic is in combination of addressing what’s on the end of your fork, your gut microbiome, and more.

Included in the more is also addressing the things in your life that are stressing you out. Surprise. Surprise. 😉

SImply said, it’s not one thing because it’s not caused by just one thing.

In working with clients (and back when I was making my own personal changes as well), I’ve found that addressing those 3 issues, food, the gut microbiome and controllable  stresses are the keys for most women.

Working with these issues together, a woman can often see some change in a matter of just a few weeks. Though it does take longer to relearn the patterns of eating, behavior, and response that will bring about a long term permanent change.

And for some, we do need to go deeper. For others, it can take longer because other health issues can complicate matters.

But this is just to let you know that there is a natural approach that doesn’t involve just waiting for it to go away. There is a natural approach that doesn’t involve slathering hormone creams over your body or taking a handful of pills. 

It’s an approach that’s about being intentional with how you eat, how you take care of yourself and how you deal with stress.

You can read a little tongue-in-cheek of my own experience here https://www.drlesliek.com/2020/12/30/resolve-menopause-madness/

And set up a time to talk: http://callDrLeslie.com 

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