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It was 4 am and I was lying awake . . .AGAIN!

But this time it was different.

For weeks before it was almost routine; 2:30 to nearly 6:00 am lying awake, agitated and profusely sweating. Knowing how exhausted I’d be all day because I couldn’t sleep. . .Every. . . single. . . night.

But all that had ended when I started on the bioidentical hormone creams weeks ago.

Indeed it was one of the main reasons I had consented to the hormones . . . 

Hormones that my medical doctor and colleague had convinced me were safe. . . 

Hormones that my research would later tell a different story about. . . 

Yet, here I was, wide awake again. But I wasn’t profusely sweating and I wasn’t agitated. Though I was anxious and scared.  . . at least I knew why. . . 

Over the past several weeks, the hormones had done the trick . . .the hot flashes were gone. . . I felt more even-keeled. . .I wasn’t blowing up at the kids over little things as much.

My brain & my memory were even working better. Gosh, I could even remember why I walked into a room!  

But now there was a new problem. . .the one that had me anxious and scared.

. . .I had gained 20 lbs. in the past 2 months! The result of the hormone cream I was using. 20 lbs. on my petite 5’4” body! At this rate, I’d weigh 200lbs. by year’s end. 

Images of ‘fat Leslie’ danced in my head. I know that sounds vain. But as someone who struggled, mostly successfully with her weight for her entire life; this was NOT an option I was willing to entertain! 

Add to that, the sluggishness I already felt and how much worse it would be. . .

And the joint aches I didn’t want. . .  the result of the excess weight. . . 

And the negative health consequences I knew being nearly double my ideal weight would likely bring. . .

There HAD to be a way I could resolve this without drugs. I resolved to start doing my research the next day. 

That research, over the next several weeks, led me to an understanding of the relationship between food, the gut and hormone balance. Then, as I instituted diet changes, and increased my exercise, the weight began to come off.

. . .My research revealed much. . .a lot of that, I won’t get into right now. . .

Just to say, it turns out that ‘minor side effects’ like weight gain are NOT less common with bioidentical hormones creams.

So eventually, I resolved the issues and put together a food & lifestyle-based approach to balancing hormones and addressing weight and chronic disease. 

A simple approach that’s easily adaptable to multiple health issues and body types.

Now I’m bringing that simple approach to my new Empowered Wellness Membership Program.

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