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Are you as tired of all the fear and all the drama as I am? Is your health being affected?

Would you like some quick, succinct no-nonsense tips that can decrease the likelihood of you or a loved one getting a serious case of CoVid19?

Let’s lay a basic foundation here:

The good news: I’ve spent some time reading journal articles and listening to people who are apolitical. People like John Ioannidis, Stanford epidemiologist, and researcher. People like David Katz MD, Epidemiologist, Preventative Medicine Specialist & author of over 200 peer-reviewed Journal articles. Both are using data to suggest that the fatality rate is significantly lower than what we originally thought.

In addition, other data has also revealed that there is a definite pattern that can be discerned about who is more likely to have a significant case of this disease. And here is more good news:

Most of the conditions that leave people more susceptible are conditions that we can control and even reverse through diet and lifestyle changes! More health, more wealth.

So, what conditions are we talking about? Most people who come down with a more serious case have Type 2 diabetes, are overweight or obese, have cardiovascular disease, or have asthma or COPD. The unfortunate thing is that because our country is so over-fed, this represents about 45% of the general public under 65 years old!

So losing weight and eating more healthfully can literally save your life!

To help address this issue, I will be starting a group coaching program soon.

Watch for my upcoming announcements about my program “Journey to Wellness.”

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