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These are extraordinary times, to say the least. And your risk of CoVid19 is on your fork and in your feet!

My purpose with this blog article is simple: Asking, what you can do to minimize the risk for both yourself and your family?

I don’t necessarily mean the risk of CONTRACTING CoVid19 but the risk of getting a serious case of it.

After all, we know that this disease can be so mild as to be asymptomatic for many (perhaps the vast majority). Yet it can kill.

The more data we see, the more conclusions we can draw. Recent journal articles discuss that there is essentially a dose-dependent risk for a serious case of CoVid19.

But this dose is NOT how much of the virus you are exposed to (though that also does matter).

The dose I’m speaking of has to do with the dosage of poor lifestyle habits.

A study of over 387,000 people in the UK showed that the number of adverse lifestyle habits and risk factors a person had was directly proportional to the severity of the illness in those who acquired it.

So, this is going to be harsh for some of you, but if you’re obese, your risk factor is higher than if you’re (just) overweight. If you have diabetes, your risk factor is higher than if you don’t. The same can be said for high blood pressure, lack of physical exercise, chronic inflammation, and more. If you have more than one risk factor, your risk of a serious case is proportionately higher. Actually, there is about a 4-fold increase for those most at risk compared to those least at risk.

Similarly, U.S. physicians and scholars have used data out of Wuhan and other areas to extrapolate to the U.S. population and estimate that 45.1% of those under 65 in the States are at increased risk for a serious case of CoVid19 due to diet and lifestyle factors!

But there’s a huge silver lining in this evaluation and that’s what I want to talk about. . . your ability to control all of this!

Here’s the amazing thing about it:

As I said: Your ability to change your risk with CoVid19 is on the end of your fork and in your feet!

Most importantly, you can improve it in a single day!

Science shows us that decreasing inflammation can begin with a single healthy meal.

-EAT YOUR VEGGIES!!! Get out and start walking or getting some other form of exercise and tie that single meal to MORE healthy meals and you can make a substantial difference in just days.

CoVid19 has brought our chronic health problems to the forefront and now is the time to address them.

That’s why I’ve chosen now to start my group health coaching program “Journey to Wellness.” By expanding my coaching to a group format, I’m making it more accessible for a more reasonable fee so more people can take advantage of it during this time.

The Beta-Launch of this program will begin on June 24, 2020, and will go for 8 sessions over Zoom.

It will include group coaching on diet, lifestyle, exercise, hormone balance, your gut microbiome, environmental factors and more. I’ll even help you do a pantry clean-out over Zoom!

You can find a full description & registration info here. You can get $100 off the fee by registering with the code “EarlyBird” by Sunday June 24th at midnight.

I’m also opening up a couple of limited scholarships for those whose financial situation has been majorly impacted by CoVid19. Email me to set up a call regarding this if appropriate.

I look forward to serving you and helping you succeed on this journey.


  • Ruth Smith

    What a great topic! I hope you have many respondents.

    • Leslie Kasanoff

      Thanks Ruth! Your positive encouragement is always appreciated!

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