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If you’re like many of the folks in my circle, you’re a business owner or you have a side-hustle that you want to become your full-time business. 

Today I’m going to address the parallels between your health and running your business.

My hope is that seeing the parallels here will help you begin to take better control of your health.

Broadly speaking, the two main things in both areas are to know where you’re starting and know where you’re going.

Yeah, pretty simple, in principle.

As I write this, I recognize the health realm is much easier for me than the business. Ha, that’s why I’m the health coach and there are several business coaches reading this. But I digress.

Know where you’re starting from. . . 
This requires measurement. Surprise, Surprise.

Measurements like: your weight (use a bathroom scale), your BMI (body mass index), or your percentage body fat. You’ll need your waist circumference for the body-fat calculator; another valuable parameter.

Other easy-to-do measurements include your resting heart rate and blood pressure.

Measure your heart rate before you get out of bed in the morning. Measure blood pressure after resting 10 minutes. Support your arm and keep it at heart height for the blood pressure measurement.

More measurements may include: fasting blood sugar, Hgb.A1C, Cholesterol and inflammatory markers. (A healthcare provider like myself or your primary care physician can help you determine and order the most appropriate tests.)

If you’re a business owner, you might liken these numbers to understanding your bottom line, both for your business and for your personal needs.

Further, as a business owner, you recognize the basic difference between (a) “I’m not losing money.” vs. (b) “I have breathing room, I can pay myself and am moving forward.”  

Determine where you are for your health: (a) or (b) above. Where are you within normal range? How do you feel? How much energy do you have? How are you sleeping?

If these are positive consider yourself at the (b) level. Simple enough. Does this make sense?

Know your goals:

Just like in business, you can and should have both short and long-term goals. 

. . .again, the parellels between your health and running your business.

What are yours?

Personally, my current short term (within 6 months) health goals are (1) to be below 20% body fat and (2) to increase my endurance enough to be ready for the long distance bicycling tour I plan to do in Europe when I can safely travel again.

As to ‘why’ below 20% body fat. . .if you’re wondering.
That’s simple. . .I’d rather carry things I need (like my laptop, so I can continue to run my coaching business!)  on my tour with the additional 5-8lbs. rather than carrying it on my body!

My long term goal is to remain mentally and physically fit till the day I die!

I say this recognizing that I may not be able to do long-distance bike touring at age 100. But I totally intend to be able to walk my dog on the beach or go for a 20-mile bike ride.
I also intend to have the mental and physical capability to cook for myself and those I love at 100.

I have my plan for the short term chunked down to daily and weekly activities and I know that these will continue to set me up for the long term. 

So what about you? Is it time to start thinking about both your short and long-term health goals?

Let me help you determine those short and long-term goals. Focus on the parallels between your health and running your business by setting up a (free) consultation today.

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