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Today I want to talk about using medicinal foods and intentional eating to change your attitude regarding the restrictive way you likely think about your diet.

Let’s face it, there are too many shouldn’ts that are pushed on us all the time about our food choices: shouldn’t eat this, shouldn’t eat that. 

What about a new attitude of what you can eat?

Adding a little bit of inventive deliciousness?

Some foods that work magically in your system?

Foods that feed your body; your brain and your gut (AKA your second brain) what they need to keep you happy and thinking straight!?

Are you pre-menopausal and known to have PMS?

Or are you peri- or post menopause and having mood issues?

Maybe you’re a guy concerned about your own issues.

You might benefit from some intentional eating. 

All these issues are related to hormones. And the foods we eat can have remarkably positive effects, if we eat the right foods more often. 

The addition of medicinal foods can make a huge difference.

Now this isn’t a magic pill, it’s not going to cure a thing because regardless of what the issue is, it’s not caused by just one thing! Make sense?


But it can help. It can put you on a better path..

Looking at foods as medicinal means eating good-for-you foods regularly, like you’d take a pill. 

So you’ll need a few recipes. Ones that you can use often. 

Here’s one. 

Do you like barbecued food?

Use you favorite barbecue sauce here:

This is a great one to add if you want to balance your estrogens; if you’ve got PMS, mood swings or hot flashes for example. (It also could help, especially when combined with decreasing dairy if you’re a guy who is losing his hair!) It would be more helpful if you ladies cut back on the cheese too. Just so you know.

Barbecued braised tofu
Ingredients: 1 lb. organic tofu & your favorite barbecue sauce.

Place the tofu on a cutting board and put a heavy object on top of it to squeeze out the excess water. (A cast iron frying pan works really well for this.) Let it sit for 10-20 minutes. (Check it and rebalance the weighted object if necessary) Then drain it & discard the water. 

Slice the tofu into slices ¼-½ inch thick. Cover the bottom of a glass container with barbecue sauce and then a layer of tofu. Layer with more sauce & continue layering. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. (Overnight is better.)

Put the tofu directly on a rack in a preheated 375 degree oven. Place a drip pan under it. Bake for up to an hour; turning after 30 minutes. (Be very gentle when turning it. It will have a tendency to break or stick. You can also brush the rack with oil first if desired) Add additional sauce when you turn it if desired. The longer you bake, the chewier it will get. It will also get even chewier if you let it cool. 

You can serve this as part of meal, or as a snack or appetizer. So, I’m not telling you to replace your steak; just add this for now. 

I find it makes a great mid afternoon snack when my concentration is waning. I just eat cold straight out of the frig.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be featuring more medicinal foods. Over time, decreasing animal foods and other pro-inflammatory foods would be great additional steps. 

You’ll want at least 2 or 3 more recipes with high phytonutrient foods.

You can find more recipes here

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